Share Market Risk Management

The equity markets are traditionally volatile with a high-risk, high-returns profile. As such investors in the equity market may consider to plan and strategize to reduce their risks and increase their returns. AfsSec is able to assist you in managing the risk associated with your equity investments.

Exchange Traded Equity Options
AfsSec can execute exchange traded equity options for you to hedge against the potential risks in the equities you hold. Exchange traded equity options establishes a specific price, called the strike price, at which the contract may be exercised, or acted on. When an option expires, it no longer has value and no longer exists.
Options come in two varieties, calls and puts, and you can buy or sell either type. You make those choices - whether to buy or sell and whether to choose a call or a put - based on what you want to achieve as an options investor.

Buy (Holder) Sell (Writer)
Call Option Right to Buy Obligation to Sell
Put Option Right to Sell Obligation to Buy

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Equity Warrants
AfsSec can also establish warrants for your portfolio. A warrant is a form of derivative that derives its value from an underlying instrument. Some give holders the right to buy or to sell the underlying instrument such as a share or ETF to the warrant issuer for a particular price.
Warrants can help investors achieve leveraged returns, diversify into a market or sector, protect the value of underlying assets or earn extra income.
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