Managed Funds

Do you want to have exposure to Chinese Renminbi?

Our Australia Chinese Renminbi Fund provides you with the opportunity to invest in the Chinese Renminbi.
For detailed information on the Australia Chinese Renminbi Fund please click on the following link: (

Do you want to have exposure to Australia quality dividend-paying or newly floated stocks?

By investing in the AfsSec Australian Equity Fund, investors gain access to an actively managed, diversified portfolio of securities managed by our team of investment professionals.
For detailed information on the AfsSec Australian Equity Fund please click on the following link: (

We also provide investors the opportunity to invest in our AfsSec Australia Real Property Fund and the AfsSes Australian Mortgage Fund (Currently only available to wholesale investors).

Corporate Advisory

AFS Capital Securities has assumed a growing role in small to medium sized transactions occurring in the Australian marketplace in recent times, providing clients with Corporate Advisory services including Initial Public Offering management, Merger and Acquisition services and ASX listing advice.

At AFS Capital Securities, we provide high quality professional advice to institutional clients. Our integrity, professionalism, and competency have earned us a favourable reputation.

Bitcoin IPO Update

Bitcoin Group Limited has issued the Supplementary Prospectus on 10 March 2016, the purpose of the Supplementary Prospectus is to notify investors that Bitcoin Group Limited has withdraw the Second Replacement Prospectus

Please find the link to the Supplementary Prospectus

To process for refund, for those investors who subscribed for shares through Computershare are requested to email Bitcoin Group Limited at

For those who invested through ASX Bookbuild, they should contact the broker through whom they subscribed for shares and that broker will refund their subscription money.

Anyone with any questions concerning the refund can contact Bitcoin Group Limited on 1300 38 48 or email